Cannabis Natural Oils

Cannabis Natural Oils

Understanding Cannabis Oil Labels

Equivalency Factors & Dosing

If you’re brand new to utilizing cannabis natural oils, maybe you are wondering simple tips to see the information that is medical your labels.

Both oils can be purchased in three offerings: High THC oil; Hybrid – equal concentrations of THC and CBD oil; and high CBD oil. ENTOURAGE TM oils tend to be more concentrated compared to the AXIS oils, consequently carry more ingredients. Most of our natural oils are decarboxylated (prepared to utilize) and don’t require heating to produce the medicinal substances.

WeedMD’s oils are diluted with medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) oil. MCT is really a pharmaceutical grade normal oil used widely in meals and is recognized to be flavourless and odourless. To choose this oil WeedMD staff had been cannabis oil afflicted by taste that is blind. We discovered MCT to end up being the oil utilizing the minimum taste that is residual.

The ENTOURAGE line is especially developed for the customers underneath the Cannabis Act program who would like high dosage. Its known as following the “Entourage Effect”, a phrase accustomed describe oil with all the full spectral range of substances that cannabis provides. Keep in mind that underneath the Cannabis Act guidelines, cannabis oil cannot have actually a lot more than 30 mg/ml of THC. Our laboratory group dilutes our THC oil generally to around 25 mg/ml.

The AXIS line is specially developed to meet up with the requirements of medical providers to replace synthetic cannabinoids with AXIS oil. The AXIS line allows medical specialists to dispense the oils utilizing 1ml syringes for simplicity of management, which facilitates accurate and dosing that is consistent.


  • Lighter dosage
  • Consistent concentration
  • Very easy to dose & prescribe


  • Stronger dosage
  • Greater levels
  • More powerful effect & consequently less usage required
  • Increased content that is cannabinoid


Per Cannabis Act adherence, equivalency facets needs to be published in the label. The equivalency element may be the number of cannabis oil that’s needed is which will make up one gram of dry cannabis.

The equivalency element acts two purposes:

Firstly it permits practitioners that are medical prov >

Next, the equivalency element allows us (and also you) to find out just how much oil you’re allowed to purchase beneath the Cannabis Act.


  • The consequences have actually a significantly more delayed onset, but effects final longer that is much.
  • Your health care practitioner will assist you to know what may be the appropriate quantity of cannabino >Always begin with a tiny dose and wait at least 2-3 hours before re-dosing.

Impacts may take around 2-3 hours and final 6-8 hours.

To learn more about our oils, check always the store out or contact our customer Services Team at 1-844-WEEDMD-6 (1-844-933-3636).

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